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Department Profile

Post graduate department of Chemistry affiliated to Karnatak University was established in the academic year 2014-15 with the broad vision of providing higher education to the aspiring student community with present intake of 60 students. The department has academic standards, Research facilities, Central Research Laboratory and well-equipped Laboratories for each branch, computer laboratory with internet facility, department library and student favourable student-teacher ratio which offers individual attention to each student. Majority of the Teaching faculty members are Ph.D in their respective specialization in the department are committed to the scientific creativity, academic excellence & Research skills development of students.

Course Overview

M. Sc. Chemistry is two-year course spread over 4 semesters each of 16 weeks duration as per UGC norms. In this course 2 categories of papers offered are general and open elective. Two elective papers are offered one each in 2nd and 3rd semester. In semester I students will undergo training in subjects as Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry. In II semester the students are offered compulsory general papers (except analytical chemistry) and additionally one open elective subject. In third semester three compulsory papers and one open elective subject and in fourth semester three general papers (compulsory for all) along with project work.

In I, II & III semesters there will be FOUR theory papers and in IV semester 3 papers along with project work additionally THREE practical papers. Only in I semester there will be FOUR practical papers. Each theory paper is of FOUR hours of lectures per week.

Each practical paper is of minimum FOUR contact hours spread over FOUR days per week as experimental handling exercises. Seminars, tutorials and discussion classes will be conducted as per the schedule. TWO Internal Assessment (IA) shall be conducted during the semesters. Each theory paper carry 100 marks internal marks -25 and by Annual examination-75 marks for each subject. The various components of internal assessment (IA) for 25 marks are as follows: Attendance-3 marks, TWO written test(s)-12 marks, seminar proposed by the student -5 marks, and assignments - 5 marks. Practical papers shall carry 50 marks, 10 marks by practical internal examination & 40 marks in final lab examination with external examiners. Total maximum marks are 600 per I-semester, 550 marks in II-semester and III-semester and 600 marks in IV-Semester. Project work: Every student will undergo training in Project course in the IV-semester. The Project work is an experimental oriented work by exploring Research skills preferably in the various chemical industries. More than one student may be required to work on an assigned project. Project course carries 150 marks, of which 25 is for IA, 50 marks for viva-voce examination with effective presentation of the carried out work and 75 marks for the evaluation of dissertation, at the semester-end examination.

Four batches of the students have passed out with M. Sc. in Chemistry from our college. Huge career opportunities are awaiting for the P.G. students with chemistry specialization. As no field of science is so closely related with our daily life as Chemistry. Students can find their career in Teaching & in various multinational companies such as in Pharmaceutical sector, Textile, Agro based, Paint industries, Research centres, Thermal power sectors, Paper industries and still many more.