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Course Overview

Students from commerce stream in 12th have wide opportunity to build their career in this stream, they have wide variety of courses to choose from after 12th. Today the CEO of many blue-chip companies like ONGC, Bharti Airtel and Bloomberg, are the Bachelors’ of commerce. They are very successful in their career. The commerce stream primarily includes Business Studies, Economics and Accounts as core subjects and Mathematics or Secretarial Practice is left optional. Commerce students can choose alternate subjects from the Arts Stream but not from the Science Stream. Commerce with Math tends to be a popular choice among students interested to build a career n Accounting, Financing, Entrepreneurship and Investment Banking among others. The courses offered after 12th in commerce are Bachelors in Commerce, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost Accountant, Bachelor in Business Administration, integrated Corporate Law, Bachelors of Economics, Hospitality Diploma Courses, Journalism and Mass Communication.



(Course Code-2A)

  • A01-English
  • A02-Kannada
  • A04-Sanskrit
  • A06-Hindi
  • A13-Addl. English
  • A17-Kannada Kali
  • A21-Financial Accounting-I
  • A33-Business Environment
  • A41-Mangrl Economics
  • A51-Principles of Management
  • A96-Indian Constitution

(Course Code-2B)

  • B01- English
  • B02- Kannada
  • B04- Sanskrit
  • B06- Hindi
  • B13- Addl. English
  • B17-Kannada Kali
  • B21- Financial Acct- II
  • B31- E.D. & Small Ent.Mgt.
  • B41- Mngl. Economics- II
  • B76- Fundamental Of Computer
  • B96- Busn.Commn.Skill

(Course Code-2C)

  • C01- Corprt Acountg- I
  • C11- Prin.Of Marketing
  • C22- Secretarial Practice
  • C33- Human Resource Mgt.
  • C45- Monetary Economics
  • C01- Cmrcl Arithmtc- I
  • C52- Business Stat-I
  • C72- Cmptra.Appl.Bus- II
  • C12- Kannada
  • C13- Kannada Kali

(Course Code-2D)

  • D01- Crprt Acountg- II
  • D02- Law & Practice Of Banking
  • D03- Fundamentals Of Fin.Mgt
  • D04- Indian Financial System
  • D06- International Economics
  • D08- Business Statistics- II
  • D09- Commercial Arithmetic - II
  • D10- Computer Application- II
  • D12- Kannada
  • D13- Kannada Kali D13

(Course Code-2E)

  • E01- Cost Accounting- I
  • E01- Income Tax-Law & Practice E02
  • E05- Princ. & Prac. Of Aud. E05
  • E06- Indian Economics E06
  • E08- Cmptr.Appl. E08
  • E11- Financial Services Paper I E11
  • E12- Accounting Theory Paper II E12

(Course Code-2F)

  • F01- Cost Accounting II
  • F02- Income Tax II
  • F04- Businjess Laws
  • F05- Industrial Economics
  • F08- Cmptr. Appl. Bus-V
  • F09- Principals Of Foreign Exchange
  • F10- Prin. Of Mgt. Acct.