The JSS college library one of the oldest libraries with a rich collection of books, capable of meeting the changing needs and demands of present and future was established along with the inception of the college in 1944.The rich collection of books includes 103000 books and variety of journals & periodicals. The college has a beautiful and spacious building for the library. It was constructed under UGC aid with liberal contribution from the Management. Over the period of time the inflow of books and the need of the hour demanded the large accommodation. That is why the library which is a temple of knowledge was extended with a huge reading hall A well-housed and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure. To keep pace with the ever-expanding field of knowledge the library is being updated from time to time. In the revolutionary changes in the field of information technology, Library has also been updated accordingly by computerizing all the date.

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To be a center of learning providing organized, Comprehensive and timely access to both local and remote resources.


To use new developments in Technology to expose the ever-expanding frontiers of knowledge to staff and students.