Welcome to College Association

    Various co-curriculum activities for the students will be organized under the direct supervision and guidance of the members of the staff nominated for this purpose every year. The main purpose of these activities is to train the students in the art of co-operation, organization and team work. Every student must find some time to be active in one of these associations at least.

    There will be one or more team of staff advisers nominated by the Principal to each association. Secretary for each association will be nominated by the Principal in consultation with the staff adviser. The Secretary of the association will organize activities which are approved by the staff advisers and Principal.

Dr. G. Kirshnamurthy Principal and President
Prof. B. Sukanya Vice–President
Dr. S.V. Gudi Vice–President
Sri. Jinnappa Kundagol Physical Director

Chairman Dr. J.A. Hadagali
Co-ordinator Dr. M.C. Krishnamurthy

Chairman Sri. B.M. Mathapati
Co-ordinator Sri. R.V. Chitaguppi
Chairman Dr. Shoukkat Ali
Co-ordinator Dr. B.A. Patil
Chairman Dr. Shrikant S. Kulkarni
Co-ordinator Sri. I.I. Nadaf
Chairman Dr. (Smt) Chitra Doijode
Co-ordinator Smt. G.V. Chavannavar
Asst.Co-ordinator Smt. Deepa Angadi
Chairman Dr. S.V. Kallapur
Co-ordinator Smt. Pushpavati Sajjanar
Chairman Sri. R.V. Chitaguppi
Co-ordinator Smt. Pushpavati Sajjanar
Chairman Dr.(Smt) G. M. Khazi
Co-ordinator Smt. Avantika Rotti
Chairman Dr. V.B. Tadkod
Co-ordinator Dr. (Smt) B.R. Gayathri
Chairman Dr. J.G. Baragi
Co-ordinator Sri. R.V. Chitaguppi
Chairman Dr. Venkatesh M.
Chairman Dr. M. N. Rashinkar
Chairman Dr. S.B. Gadi
Chairman Sri. M.C. Chavan
Chairman Sri. S.B. Mekali
Chairman Smt. K.N. Pawar
Chairman Dr. (Smt) Sharada Kunnur